You taking that big step, the design and putting together the big day, different ideas have been suggested, fireworks being one of the ideas. We have some experience which will make your wedding have that WOW component.

Check out some of the comments in the testimonials section to see what we have done for other couples.

We have an assorted effects package list below that you can look at. Any questions can be directed to Don via our contact page.

Assorted Packages

Dancing of Stars

This effect is made for an outdoor venue where the bride and groom are dancing. Columns of stars are sent up to a height of about 100ft. About 500 stars are launched in 30 seconds. This can be made thicker and last longer, talk to us.

Escape of lights

As the couple drive away at the end of the reception, the driveway lights up on both sides with showers of sparks. These columns of sparks shoot 20ft in the air and can be made as thick as you want.

Window of Waterfalls

This effect is typically used for weddings that are located indoors and have lots of glass in the location. We light up a waterfall of sparks that cascade past the window outside the location. This can be a great effect back-lighting the start of the dinner, or opening toasts.

Some Info We Need

In order to do fireworks at your event, we'll need to determine if there is sufficient room at the location such as a beach area, a pier that can be closed, or a large open field. In the event there isn't the area to provide a traditional land-based show, and if the location is on the beach, we can set up the display from a barge.

Even for locations with limited space there is a very strong chance we can design something that will be unique and memorable for your day.

If you would like to get more info about these ideas, please email us and we will be happy to give you more info.