AFA can come up with a great visual display that will make your wedding or anniversary very memorable for everyone involved.

Fireworks For Weddings

In order to do fireworks all that we require is sufficient room at the location such as a beach area, a pier that can be closed or a large open field.

Even for locations with limited space there is a very strong chance we can design something that will look stunning using consumer fireworks. We can provide visual enhancement to the whole day using a variety of different products.

Check out some of the comments in the About Us section to see what we have done for other couples.

We have an assorted package list that you can look at below. Any questions can be directed to Don via our contact page.

Assorted Packages

Dancing on Clouds

During the Opening dance for the bride and groom we cover the dance floor with a thin layer of theatrical smoke that will not raise or move around too much. Giving the image of someone dancing on clouds. The smoke does not rise very high or move around too much. After the opening dances are complete, the smoke dissipated quickly into the room.

Dancing of Stars

This effect is made for an outdoor venue where the bride and groom are dancing. Columns of stars are sent up to a height of about 100ft. About 500 stars are launched in 30 seconds. This can be made thicker and last longer, talk to us.

Escape of lights

As the couple drive away at the end of the reception, the driveway lights up on both sides with showers of sparks. These columns of sparks shoot 20ft in the air and can be made as thick as you want.

Window of Waterfalls

This effect is typically used for weddings that are located indoors and have lots of glass in the location. We light up a waterfall of sparks that cascade past the window outside the location. This can be a great effect backlighting the start of the dinner, or opening toasts.

Alternative Ideas.

We are always trying to develop new visual effects that can be used at weddings, gatherings, special awards or anniversaries.

Unfortunately confetti does not work outside, the clean up is too cost prohibitive and many venues will simply not permit it.

As an alternative, consider using fine long streamers that can be launched from air cannons; up to 60 feet in the air. We can guarantee a quick and thorough clean up.

If you have an event that reaches its peak period at night, we have the perfect solution:

We launch long streamers about 50' overhead, once in the air, we light them up from below with shaded lights. There are numerous different colours that can be used as well as different types of streamers, and this stunning effect has pleased many of our clients when they are leaving the reception.

If you would like to get more info about these ideas or have photos sent, please email us and we will be happy to give you more info.

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