Types of Displays

The Look of the Display

As the client, you want a fireworks display that is going to give your event some of that wow factor, that's our job. We are here to discuss with you the event and look of the display, then to design a show that will make your event stand out, and have people talking about it well after the wrap up


This style of fireworks has been classified as a 7.3 explosive by the Federal government, it has a lesser N.E.P. (Net Explosive Potential). So the Explosive Regulatory Division permits this product to be sold cover the counter to adults (think of it like Benadryl).

Please don't underestimate this product, with our skills and experience, this product in our hands still has a very surprising visual effect. I can say, we have even surprised some of the other supervisors with our creative design and combinations.


  • less costly.
  • fits well in smaller venues.
  • less noise.


  • not as grand of an effect as 1.3G product.
  • there isn't as wide a range of product available.

In short, we have used this product a lot over the years, and have gotten very innovative in the effects we can produce.


This is what most people have in mind when they think about a large professional fireworks display. This product has a much larger N.E.P. and isn't sold over the counter, (think of it like Benadryl compared to Epinephrine).

This F.2 fireworks requires courses, hands on training, and a license to handle and use. This level of product has much greater range of design and choice in the effects, and the variety is greatly increased. Use of these fireworks just depends on the safety distances and the budget.


  • a wider range of effects.
  • very majestic and significant increase in height.


  • it needs greater space.
  • requires a larger budget.
  • increased noise with the larger shells.

We hope there will always be an option to provide a fireworks display, whether it is the normal land based display, or other alternatives.

Once we have talked to the client to discuss and determine the budget for the show, we make time to research the venue location, and the distances at the location. Then we can present multiple options.

  • can a barge be used
  • what product can be use
  • would a combination of the 2 types be best
  • and will the show be designed to music.