About afa fireworks

Safety First!

There is a saying in the fireworks industry, "no matter how the good the fireworks display, if someone gets hurt, or you burn something down..... that is what will be remembered". Our clients rely on us to provide a great show and as the professionals, to keep the audience and ourselves safe.

We are members of the "Institute of Professional Pyrotechnics Canada" and pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding federal safety requirements.

Technical background.

We have been providing fireworks displays for a wide variety of clients over the last couple of decades and haven't stopped learning. With new product coming on the market each year comes new ideas, that what makes us stand out from others.

Lead Time to design and set up a show.

The designing of a pyro-digital display takes time to get right. We usually need 3-4 weeks to put together a larger show, but with more lead time you can provide, the better.

Smaller venues can usually be put together in about 2 weeks. If it's less than 2 weeks, there is still a chance we can make it work, it never hurts to call us and see what can be worked out.

We've got this!